What Is Canadian Bacon?

What Is Canadian Bacon?

Also known as “loin ham” in Japan, Canadian bacon is a staple of American breakfast and brunch platters. Smoked, sliced and fully cooked, this product is great for easy-to-make snacks, sandwiches, pizza toppings and simple morning plates.

But what exactly is Canadian bacon? Here, we answer some of the most common questions associated with the mysteriously named product.

What is Canadian bacon?

Canadian bacon is made from pork loin, which makes it much leaner than American side bacon, which is made only from the pork belly. This gives Canadian bacon a different texture that is closer to a thick slice of ham than cured bacon most people are familiar with.

As it’s already cooked and sliced, it’s perfect for breakfasts, snacks and quick, convenient meals.

What’s the best way to eat Canadian bacon?

Jones Dairy Farm’s Canadian bacon is sold fully cooked and sliced so you can enjoy it straight out of the package. You can lightly heat up the slices on a pan, flipping them once, then add to a classic breakfast plate with some toast and eggs. Sprinkling it on your pizzas as a topping, mixing it into a carbonara pasta sauce, using it as a sandwich filling, or as part of a protein boost to a bento box are just some of the ways you can enjoy Canadian bacon.

Check our full list of Jones Canadian Bacon recipes here.

Croque Madame with Canadian Bacon

Is Canadian bacon actually from Canada?

The short answer is no.

Canadian bacon is what Americans call back bacon, or bacon made from the pork loin. American soldiers picked up the term from the British during World War I, when the UK was importing more pork from Canada. Since there was no refrigeration at the time, the pork needed to be smoked for shipment from Canada to the UK. These smoked pork loins came to be known as Canadian bacon and became a popular product in the U.S.

So even if the product isn’t imported from Canada anymore, we still call it “Canadian” bacon.

What’s the difference between Canadian bacon and regular bacon?

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What’s the difference between Canadian bacon and regular bacon?

Canadian bacon and ‘regular’ bacon are made from different parts of the animal.

Canadian bacon is made from the pork loin, an area between the animal’s shoulder and back legs known for its lean, tender cuts. Meanwhile, bacon strips, like our award-winning Dry-Aged Bacon, come from the pork belly. Canadian bacon is more lean than belly bacon and comes in round slices.

Another difference is that Canadian bacon is typically sold fully cooked, while ‘regular’ bacon is often raw.

How is Canadian bacon made at Jones Dairy Farm?

Jones Canadian Bacon is uncured, meaning it contains less added sodium than most cured meats. Made with premium cuts of lean pork loin and naturally smoked over cherrywood chips, our Canadian Bacon slices have a full, rich flavor with a hint of sweetness for a distinct taste you won’t find anywhere else.

Gluten-free with no MSG added, these flavorful slices are a great protein to add to your family’s meals.

How is it made at Jones Dairy Farm?

What are the nutritional properties of Canadian bacon?

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 3 pan-fried slices (18g)
Calories 60kCal
Protein 11g
Total Fat 6g
Total Carbohydrate 0g
Sodium 0.6g

Where can I buy Jones Canadian Bacon?

You can find our Uncured Canadian Bacon and other Jones Dairy Farm products at Costco stores throughout Japan. Check our Store List to find a location near you.

Where can I buy Jones Canadian Bacon?

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