Jones Uncured Fully Cooked Cherrywood Smoked Turkey Bacon
Is Now Available at Costco JapanAn all-natural, Certified Gluten-Free
alternative to pork bacon, with 70% less fat

Cherrywood Smoked Turkey Bacon

A true family business with over 130 years of history, Jones Dairy Farm is pleased to announce a new product in Japan. Sold exclusively at Costco stores, Jones’ Uncured Fully Cooked Cherrywood Smoked Turkey Bacon is a delicious, lean alternative to conventional pork bacon that your family will love.

For years, our American customers have chosen Jones’ all-natural turkey bacon for its rich, authentic flavor, a result of naturally smoking each batch with sweet cherrywood chips. Made with 100% American poultry, our turkey bacon is certified gluten-free, uncured and free of all United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Big 8 food allergens. It’s also MSG-free.

certified gluten-free

Jones Dairy Farm is proud to introduce a high-quality alternative to pork bacon in Japan. We also hope to inspire you with original recipes that you can feel good about serving to those you love.

What is turkey bacon?

What is turkey bacon? Learn more about Jones’ latest product in Japan in this article.

A Message from Jones Dairy Farm’s 6th Generation President & CEO, Phillip Jones

“We are very excited to be introducing our fully cooked and ready-to-eat turkey bacon to our Jones Dairy Farm product lineup. It is a delicious and versatile product that has a delicate smoked flavor with a satisfying taste that will make any creation special.

“Our fully cooked turkey bacon can be used for breakfast with eggs, lunch on a sandwich or dinner. Try it on a pizza! Find it only at Costco.” 

Our current president,Philip Jones

About Jones Dairy Farm’s Commitment to Clean Labels

At Jones Dairy Farm, we use only the highest quality ingredients and refuse to add artificial flavors or MSG to our products. They are free of all of the USDA Big 8 food allergens — peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, wheat, soy, fish and shellfish — giving you added peace of mind when serving family and friends.

All Jones’ products available in Japan, including our breakfast sausage, bacon and ham, are certified by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO), a top U.S. program, which verifies the quality, integrity and purity of gluten-free products.

What does it mean to be Certified Gluten-Free?

What does it mean to be Certified Gluten-Free?

About Jones Dairy Farm

Jones Dairy Farm is a 7th generation family-owned and operated company located in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. For more than 130 years, Jones has been using real, natural ingredients, original recipes and time-honored traditions to create distinctive and timeless products, like award-winning Dry-Aged Bacon and Turkey Bacon, all made with 100% American pork or poultry.

>About Jones Dairy Farm

Learn more about Jones Dairy Farm’s mission and vision.

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