What are Chicken Links?
How they’re made and where to buy them in Japan

At Jones Dairy Farm, we know that simple and natural food is delicious. That’s why we only combine our freshly ground chicken with salt and spices to create the perfect seasoning for our Chicken Links — an alternative to regular pork sausages.


What are Chicken Links?

True to our commitment to bring authentic and natural flavors to your home, Jones Dairy Farm Fully Cooked Chicken Links are 100% natural, made with antibiotic-free chicken, artificial additives, or sugar.

Conveniently fully cooked until they turn a beautiful golden brown, then frozen for ultimate freshness, these versatile links are ready for you and your family to enjoy as breakfast, bento, side dishes or more.

What’s the difference between regular pork sausages and Chicken Links?

Although similar in shape to pork sausages, Chicken Links use ground chicken rather than ground pork. Gluten-free and a healthier option at a fraction of the fat compared to pork, Chicken Links have just 130kCal per 56g serving. This makes them a much lighter addition to meals, and the compatible nature of chicken means our Chicken Links go with a wide range of dishes and recipes.

Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts

Total Fat
Total Carbohydrate

How to eat Chicken Links?

Chicken Links
Switch up your breakfast, lunch or evening meals with this unique and compatible product. Find your favorite way to include Chicken Links into your meals and share it with us on Instagram.

In the U.S., it’s popular to eat Chicken Links like a classic hot dog, or as a compliment to foods such as pasta and even American breakfast pancakes — but the list doesn’t end there. We’ve compiled a list of meal inspiration ideas with our Chicken Link recipes here, such as delicious rice bowls, breakfast muffins and Korean kimbap.

How to Prepare

When cooking 4 links

Place chicken sausage links in a preheated pan over medium heat and cook until heated through (4-5 minutes if frozen, 2-3 minutes if thawed.) Turn occasionally for even heating. Alternatively, you can add 3Tbs of water in the pan and cook 4 ½.

Heat chicken links at 500W, using a microwave-safe plate for 2 ½ minute if frozen, 1 – 1 ½ minutes if thawed depending on the number of links. Check and heat again if necessary.

Where can I buy Chicken Links in Japan?

Sometimes referred to as “Chicken Sausages,” this kind of meat product used to be hard to come by in Japan, as they must often be imported from countries like America or Germany. That’s why we brought Jones Dairy Farm’s Chicken Links exclusively at all Costco locations across Japan, apart from Moriyama in Aichi, Kyoto 5153, Izumi 5160 in Osaka, and Makuhari 877 in Chiba.

Check out our full shop list here to locate the nearest Costco to you.

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