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Welcome to Fort Atkinson,
a small town in Wisconsin!

Milo and Sally

The Jones story dates back to 1832 when Milo and Sally Jones traveled from Vermont to settle in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. Involved in many businesses including a hotel, a tavern, brick laying and even a race track, the Jones family founded one of the first dairy farms in Wisconsin.

Manufacturing Facility

Milo C. Jones, son of the settler Milo, was struck with rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 35, which confined him to his bed for many years. He started making sausage using his mother’s recipe and sold it to neighbors, friends and surrounding communities. As the business grew, it expanded outside of the Farmhouse kitchen into a manufacturing facility on the Jones property.

Jones Dairy Farm Sausage
Jones Dairy Farm Breakfast Bacon
Plant 1

The current Jones Market brick building was a sausage production kitchen called "Plant 1" built in 1906. The adjoining retail store was built in the 1920s for the convenience of the founder Milo C. Jones as a wheelchair accessible office. It was later used as a room to store employee uniforms such as locker rooms, employee frocks, aprons and hats.

Jones Market

The deli area of ​​the current market was used as a shipping room until 1964, when the sausage business moved to the main factory. It was used for production until 2007, and the place is now renewed as "Jones Market" as a place of relaxation for locals and visitors. The kitchen in the market is still used as a test kitchen for product development as well as deli products.

Jones Map

Jones is proud to remain on the original land of its founders. The Jones land not only contains the manufacturing facilities used today but only our original Farmhouse along with beautiful barns and forests. The manufacturing plant is a staple in the community of Fort Atkinson. Across from the plant is Jones Park where kids and adults play baseball in the summer.

Jones Dairy Farm Office